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There are worlds that exist, you know, far from the cares of everyday life, magical places you can’t wait to escape to whose purpose is to simply to make you feel good. Here you find the friends you wish you’d made, the fun you’d like to have and the food you’d love to eat, and every time you visit, you feel as if you’ve come home. Welcome to the Tattie Scone Mysteries...

Once upon a time there was a quiet little village called Inverdoody on the banks of Loch Ness where very little ever happened and nothing much went wrong. Folks went about their business - Effie, in particular, looking after people and feeding them her fine Scottish fare at The Tattie Scone Café, and Nell, in particular, organising them out the window - until one fine day Sir Donald Menzies turned up dead in the heather.

That was a turn up for the books, right enough, but thankfully the dark forces of malice and murder are no match for the combined effect of loyal friends, local gossip and the inspiration gleaned from countless cups of tea and scones. And luckily, Jemima Wallace was on hand to tell you all about it.

So, before we go any further, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, get yourself a cuppa and prepare to be entertained...


‘What a jolly romp - our favourite read of the year. Bertie and I laughed till it hurt, and even Jeeve’s upper lip quivered!’ P.G. Wodehouse

‘Darn! Make mine a plate of mince and tatties and a slice of Granny McTruckle’s Dundee cake.’ Mark Twain

‘There’s no cold comfort in Inverdoody. You’ll be struck by an immediate and irresistible desire to jump in the car and drive straight there!’ Stella Gibbons

‘A work of comic genius.’ Woody Allen. (Editor’s note: undead contributer alert! Disclaimer: true quote, but not necessarily about our book)

‘My only regret is that Lord Peter Wimsey will never get to meet Effie and Nell. Or will he?’  Dorothy L Sayers

‘To think that I could have been writing stuff like this when I was pulling my hair out over life’s sterner issues. What a chump...’ Dostoyevsky