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Q. What on earth is a tattie scone?
A. Ah, a tattie scone is a ‘potato scone’, a thin griddle cake type thing made with mashed potatoes and flour and cooked, yes, on a griddle. Absolutely delicious as part of a traditional Scottish fried breakfast.

Q. Why have I never seen the village of Inverdoody when I drive down the quiet side of Loch Ness?
A. It’s a funny thing, but sometimes weather conditions seem to make Inverdoody difficult to find. Mist especially can make it disappear completely. Only when the light’s just right can it be discovered by those who don’t live there

Q. How can I visit The Tattie Scone Café then?
A. By reading the books of course. But if you have trouble finding it on your visit to Loch Ness, Effie suggests having a tea and bun at the Waterfall Café in Foyers further along the loch side. Not quite the same, but lovely views nevertheless.

Q. I can’t seem to book into Dunmoriston Castle or Dalhousie Lodge. Why can’t I contact them?
A. For similar reasons that make it difficult to locate Inverdoody.  There is, however, ancient Urquhart Castle by the Loch side, which offers conducted tours, but no accommodation. But there are many hotels and B&Bs with views of the Loch, some of which offer fine dining like Dalhousie Lodge.

Q. After solving the murder of Nell’s neighbour, are the twins set to solve other mysteries?
A. The girls have no intention of doing anything other than getting on with their very busy lives. But I fear fate is unkind to them, and their general nosiness makes it impossible to trust to police competence. (Please excuse me, but Nell comments that since she does not know you, would you kindly refer to her as Helene. Or Mrs Farquharson.)